Paul Sobczak is on a human powered trip around the world.

*** I am currently on the Baja Divide track my location here

http://trackleaders.com/bajadivide18f.php ***


Objective: Human power my way one circumference around the globe 24,901 miles (40,075 km) .

First Objective: Off road mountain bike route Baja Divide starting in January, 2018.
Second Objective: Build some structures in Guatemala on some land that I am developing with two friends. Tzunana, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.
Third Objective: Study and Pass the Professional Engineering exam
Fourth Objective: Point my bike in different directions and pedal around the globe.

Time frame: ~2 years starting January 2018.

Paul’s Story: A dream, an Accident, Posttraumatic Growth, and a Human Powered Trip Around the World

Other Objectives:  Take photos, Make some films, Make some friends.

Funding: I have been saveing money while working as an Electrical Engineer designing Wind and Solar Farms.

Want to contribute? Donate to Paul’s Burrito Around the World Fund

Costs:  My yearly costs I expect to be between $15,000 and $20,000 usd.

What is a bike tour?

What is bikepacking?

What is through hiking?

What is human powered adventuring?

Bike Touring Basics PDF

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Inspired by my trip but only have a limited time/budget ? Try a micro-adventure and tell me how it goes, but don’t forget Semi-Rad’s 52 tips before you go …

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The Mountain Fold is the simplest origami fold, it makes a mountain.