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Chang or Advert Wellfare

Earthworm writing letter to mankind, All ready weeds are writing the scripture, 7 socials, politics without principles, Form feeling perception Experiment of Darius, 12345678 what are these Animals as Descartes did Animals as Hopi do Sure glad I am not that chicken Chicken polo However, vengeful ghosts Chang Navaho as they promote or advert The […]

Google spreadsheet row to columns example

  This: ToThis: Run a script to go from the first spreadsheet to the format of the second see link. The code is a hard to find as it’s embedded a few layers into the document. See for information on how to setup and run this apps script, as it’s bit convoluted. Download the […]

Teaching Arduino, Soldering, and Source Code

I have been teaching classes on Arduino around the Minneapolis at Twin Cities Maker and at the Mill. There are two coming up in March and April 2012 at the Hack Factory, check the respective websites for more information. I have also been teaching some soldering classes, more to come in the future, check Twin […]

PCB mistakes

I just sent out a pcb order with Laen over at Dorkbot PDX and they came in, very nice boards, and a great price. But…

Arduino, Pduino, and Pure Data

A short video showing a proof of concept using sound to blink an LED. This program uses Pure Data, and an Arduino. Arduino PD LED Adudio Thing from paul sobczak on Vimeo. Blogged on Make: Blog Source Code over on the source code page.

KiCad not loading Libriaries

I tried installing Kicad on Mac and it was not playing nicely, so I switched to Windows and had no problems. So I thought it was a mac thing but later I tried installing on Ubuntu and I got the same errors from the start. KiCad is not loading Libraries. This was by far the […]

Arduino and Gmail

Getting Arduino to communicate with Gmail, from the class that I taught at Twin Cities Maker The basics were getting Arduino to talk to Gmail and then turn on a LED. Step one: Load you Arduino with PhysicalPixel. It’s under examples, Communication. Step two: Install Python and Pyserial Step three download the code Step […]



Origami Phizz Dodecahedron

Built using Washi sheets. Purchased in Kyoto, Japan. Tom Hull’s fantastic Phizz unit Music by Amiina Filmed on a Cannon s95 In a hotel room In St. Cloud, Minnesota,_Minnesota In February Which is now in the Past or is it?

Origami Lazy Butterfly

My recent foray back into origami has produced this simple butterfly. As far as I can tell no body else has come up with the design but I could be wrong. The butterfly is a tribute to Mr. Devendra Banhart, with respect to his song, “Lazy Butterfly” 2 US Dollars | 1000 Korean Won |1 […]

Observations in Asia

South Korea Soju and the studious/relaxed characters on the bottle Common places are not heated, feels like Russia Kim Chi everything (awesome) kam-sa-ham-ni-da Sleeping Ondol Style Currents of stench in Daejeon Pagodas Temples atop hills Beds that are no softer than the ground Hotel Feel, a typical Love Motel Escape Rope Christmas dinner sannakji Wood […]

2011 Winter Electronics Purchase

I just put in, what has been becoming an annual occurrence,  a winter electronics binge. This years order from Sparkfun: 1 – DSO Nano V2 – Pocket-Sized Digital Oscilloscope 1 – Getting Started with Arduino 1 – Break Away Headers – Straight 1  – Break Away Female Headers 1 – Breakout Board for AD5330 Parallel […]

Top 10+ 2010

The Tallest Man on Earth – The Wild Hunt Crooked Still – Some Strange Country Shpongle – Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland (2009) Samamadon – I See The Sign K’naan – Troubadour Mumford and Sons – Sigh No More Stars – The Five Ghosts Zee Avi – Zee Avi (2009) Michael Franit & Spearhead – The […]

Con ts; a poem and an alternative manifistation.

Cold left Cold Sharps and rocks Jen laughing and all with others subtractive music a massive extinction brean malleable worst pollen that I have ever tastes. best bridge that I have ever slept on. reddest room that I have ever seen Kitchen ware storage Is that it then I that how I that how Is […]

Scandinavian Toilets: The Book

Scandinavian Toilets is a collection of over 100 toilets as seen and used by myself while living and traveling in Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, and Denmark). There are 12 editions in total, and each is hand bound using the coptic binding technique. The front cover is made of a relief print based on two separate toilets, […]

Bliptronme: Bliptronic + Arduino = Monome

My latest instrument or rather control surface is the Blipronome. It’s a combo of two technologies put together by Wil Lindsay at /* straytechnologies  */ namely, the arduino and the bliptronic. The whole idea of the monome is haptic feedback and it’s engine is buttons and leds. Making an array of switches is easy enough for sure, I am […]

Collected Rocks

Collected Rocks: By Paul Sobczak info

Top 10 2009

1. Iron And Wine – Around The Well 2. Tallest Man on Earth – Shallow Grave (2008) 3. Bela Fleck – Throw Down Your Heart 4. Decemberists – Hazards of Love 5. Varius Artists – Dark Was the Night 6. William Elliot Whitmore – Animals in the Dark 7. Amy Milan – Masters of the […]

Iowa A Day: The Post Card Book

Iowa a Day has now been realized into a post card book. Only a short run is being made so if you haven’t expressed that you want one and you do, I suggest you do so quickly. The post card book includes all of the photos from Iowa a Day plus one extra. Each of […]

Three Moon Shoes in Scandinavia (Mix Tape Release)

My mix, Three Moon Shoes in Scandinavia, has been completed and is available if you are so interested. The mix includes songs that I have listened to and shared with people along the last 15 or so months, and it is quite good if you ask me. The first version of this mix tape circa […]