My hallway smells like dog food (1/10/08)

The Electronica Jungle and round objects in space

My hallway smells like dog food (1/10/08)

In no particular order here are some of the tracks that were played on the show.

Monolake – Pipeline

!!! – Dear Can

Unknown – Drum and Bass track from Knowledge magazine cd #50

Kid 606 – track 5,12 off of "kill sound before sound kills you"

And a track from Bjork

The following tracks are from The Ambient Music Blog :

Taylor Deupree – untitled_1231

Hauschka – Red Pencil

Mark Templeton – Continue Later

Efterkiang – Cutting the Ice to Snow

Some field recording tracks from here.

Ten Canoes Image Credit Wikipedia

The later part of the show was from the 2006 film "Ten Canoes" by Rolf de Heer.More info on the film here.

The Audio player below is not working correctly.

Full audio of the show can be downloaded or listened to here.

Midi Foot

Designed by Paul Sobczak, Peter Arendt, and James Pachan

The Midi Foot is a foot controlled switch box that interfaces with a computer via Midi (Musical Instrument Digital Interface).

Midi Foot Front.

Design Criteria:

  • The project should be as cheap as possible
  • Easy for somebody else to make, meaning open-sourced
  • Constructed in 2 months or less as part of our design class requirements

These pages will walk you through how we built the Midi Foot.

Our original design called for the Midi Foot to control the open-source live looping Sampler SooperLooper

SooperLooper Logo
The design incorporates 6 different foot switches to control 6 different functions on the Sooperlooper program.

The Pic 16F876A Microchip Mircocontroller was chosen to control the midi output.

we chose the 16F876A for several reasons:

  • We all had experience programming it.
  • Microchip has an open software suite for code editing.
  • We were able to use the C language to program it.
  • We already had a proto-board ready for use.

Continue reading “Midi Foot”

An Excursion Into the Depths of El Segundo

El Segundo

Josh O’Byrne and I decided to make a trip out West to California, during the trip we made our way out to El Segundo, CA while we were In Los Angeles area.

Norman Cook Collection

The excursion was in honor of A Tribe Called Quest’s song “I Left my Wallet in El Segundo”. The song has been a favorite of mine ever since I heard the Fatboy Slim remake of it on “The Norman Cook Collection” back in 2000.You can hear Fatboy Slim’s remake here: A Tribe Called Quest – I Left My Wallet in El Segundo (Vampire Mix)

A Tribe Called Quest
The original song appeared on ATCQ’s album “People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm”, which happens to be Josh’s favorite version.

Some info on the track from Wikipedia “The hip hop group A Tribe Called Quest created a song I Left My Wallet in El Segundo and was put on their 1990 album People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm. The elderly landlady (Irma P. Hall as Marva Munson) in the “The Ladykillers (2004 film)” repeatedly complained about the insanity of this lyric.”

More info on “I left my Wallet in El Segundo

Josh's Wallet

While we were in El Segundo Josh left is wallet (temporarily).

We also stopped at a gas station (we passed it later on as well) and purchased some fruit punch. It was pretty good fruit punch I might add.

No Parking

I snapped this picture of the parking area outside the gas station, I almost parked there, but after examination of the sign I realized that if I did I would get towed. What????

The Art of Tape Casting

Mouth Taped Shut

My tape casted self

One weekend in the winter of 2007 I set out to make a tape cast of my self.

I was introduced to the art of tape casting through Mark Jenkings’ web site, he is a street artist who uses packaging tape to quickly make molds of himself and other objects, and dress them and place them, well, out in the street.

You can see his work on his website Below are some of his creations.

Mark Jenkins

To make a tape cast you need three things:

  • Packaging Tape
  • Plastic Wrap
  • A pair of Scissors

You can also check our this neat wiki How-to article here.

The process I used was simple, apply the plastic wrap to the section of my body that I intended to cast, wrap it with tape until that particular body part had enough layers of tape then cut off the part and set it aside. Wash rinse Repeat.

The plastic wrap is used so the tape can be removed from the body part once it has been casted, it essentially removes all of the pains of getting the sticky tape off of the body part.

The head in the most interesting and troublesome to do, I taped everything except for two small holes for my eyes that enabled me to see what I was doing and also get a breath or two of air while I was doing it.

Once each part is assembled I just taped all of the parts together.

Here are some pictures of the process.

Headless and armless

Headless and armless
The arm attached

The arm attached
Attaching the Head

Attaching the Head
Me and my tape casted self

Me and my tape casted self
In good taste

in good taste

My tape casted self now resides at The Upfront Gallery in Fargo, ND. It is sitting in the back of the gallery in the studio space enjoying the atmosphere and some left over Pabst blue ribbon.

The Meniscus Synth


The Meniscus synth is starting to come together, it has been a project that has spanned over one year now. I started working on it the summer of 2006. The summer of 2007 did not lend its self to well to the creation of the synth except now I have all of the nessissary parts to assemble the project.

The Meniscus Synth is:

  • Music From Outer Space (MFOS) Sound Lab Mini Synth
  • PAIA Midi to CV converter
  • MFOS 8 step Sequencer
  • MFOS Ring Modulator
  • MFOS Sample and Hold
  • General Guitar Gadgets Echo

I will keep this section updated as updates arive.

Pictures from the UpFront Gallery


monster radio man

I just got some pictures back from Trevor Hirst, from back when I DJed his Gallery Closing Show back in March 2007. The show went really well, I played lots of atmospheric stuff, (rain, machines, animals, ect…) incidental music if you will. I also brought my PAIA Theremax Theremin along with and people really enjoyed playing around with that.

The Telephone Synth got its venue debut at the show as well.

Trevor has a new website full of his art up right now as well. You can check it out at

More Photos Here

12 times 2 and fjords as well (5/4/07)

Bike Fjords

12 times 2 and fjords as well (5/4/07)

1. Bjork – Earth Intruders
2. Bjork – Wanderlust
3. Fargo Sons of Norway – Norge Anthem
4. Harv – The Lever
5. Universal Hall Pass – Sally’s Song
6. Fargo Sons of Norway – Ut Etter Ol
7. Illinois – Alone Again
8. Cabin – Musical Seats
9. M.Ward – Paul’s Songs
10. Norah Jones – Sinkin’ Soon

11. Laura Veirs – To The Country
12. Low – Breaker
13. The Legionnaires – You Never Let Me Pee on You
14. The Legionnaires – I Wish we Didn’t Have Sex Last Night
15. Balkan Beat Box – Habibi Min Zaman
16. Mocean Worker – Brown Liquor (Featuring Markus Miller)
17. !!! – A New Name
18. Fargo Sons of Norway – Paul’s Chickens
19. Sage Francis – Get Up This Morning
20. Devendra Banhart – Chinese Children
21. Bright Black Morning Light – Star Blanket River Child

And then the transmitter went down! and I just saw a fire truck en route for NDSU, so that sucks.

I was going to play this stuff
22.Fargo Sons of Norway – Birthday Song
23.Fargo Sons of Norway – Nursery Song
24.Fargo Sons of Norway – Per Spelman

Fargo Sons Of Norway
Sons of Norway

Fargo Sons of Norway – Ut Etter Ol version 2

Listen now! (1:20:00 / 94MB)

Bent 2007 After the Fact

Bent.. is that Mat ?

Well, Bent turned out to be a great way to spend a Saturday. The event was held between April 19-21 2007 in Minneapolis at the Intermedia Arts Center, which is a cool enough place to go with out bent going on. Here is a picture of the outside of the building

One Big Painting read the fine print

Mat and I arrived a little late but we had enough time to rip apart most of the toys that we brought along. After the initial morning session there were some pretty awesome workshops. The first workshop chronicled the modification of a 69cent keyboard in which the speaker added several modifications including a pitch shift, full sized keyboard, and an LFO.

The Shows at night were interesting to say the least, Roth Mobot, I hate your visuals!!! Loud Objects put together their instrument live in front of everybody on an overhead projector, soldering and all. It was great.

All in all it was a really good time, and I hope to make it to next years festival

More of my pictures here.

Everybody else’s photos here.

Computational Origami on Hill tops hear Fjords (4/27/07)


Computational Origami on Hill tops hear Fjords (4/27/07)

1. Perille Anker and Hans Brimi – Bla Tonar Fra Loin
2. Rorleiv Blstad – Svein I sy’Garde
3. Feathers – Past the Moon
4. Under Byen – Pilot
5. Brian Eno and David Byrne – Very Very Hungry
6. Brian Eno and David Byrne – Moonlight in Glory
7. Thai Elephant Orchestra – An Elephant Swan Song
8. Mi and L’au – Bums
9. Subtle – Swanmeat
10. Doc Scott – Here Come the Drums
11. Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction
12. Digital – Space Funk
13. Sufjan Stevens – Free Man in Paris
14. Bjork – The Boho Dance
15. Caetano Vloso – Dreamland
16. Kenneth Benfield – Old Joe Clark
17. Great Northern – Our Bleeding Hearts
18. Eliza Gilkyson – Bellarosa
19. JOse Gonzales – Slow Moves
20. Goldfrapp – Beautiful
21. Danielson Family – Felling Tank
22. The Speakers – He Wishes His Beloved were Dead
23. Deerhoof _ +81
0–somewhere in there. Rutu Taki – Samba
25. Frank Black – I’m not dead (I’m in Pittsburg)
26. Julie Gribble – This Feeling
27. The Legionnaires – Folsum Prison Blues
28. Blind Joe – Back at the Bar

No audio for this show, sorry!

Searching for Solid Fjords (4/20/07)

Searching for Solid Fjords (4/20/07)

1. Hege Rimstad – krishnas
2. Mocean Worker – Reykjavik
3. Mocean Worker – Changes (featuring Herb Albert)
4. Feist – Sealion
5. Slataffenland – Show Me The Way
6. Ola Podrida – The New Science
7. The Veils – Not Yet
8. Lee Hazlewood – Nothing
9. The Mad Lads – I Want Someone
10. The Last Town Chorus – Wire Waltz
11. Universal Hall Pass – Sally’s Song
12. The Shaky Hands – Another World Pt. 1
13. Cibo Matto – Sugar Water
14. pb&j

Global Warming Video

The Telephone Synth

Is that a Bird? 

The Telephone Synth




The Telephone Synth is a Monophonic Synthesizer based on a design by Ray Wilson.

He calls it the “Your First Wacky, Zany, Weird (and possibly Odd)
Sound Maker Project – A.K.A. Weird Sound Generator or WSG”

I had an older Radio Shack telephone sitting around and well now I put it to good use. Each one of the knobs controls different parts of the synth, some control the speed, others control filters, and still others according to Ray control different amounts of Zaniness, Wackiness, and Weirdness.

The Synth is powered off of a 9v battery that is inside the phone. There are 3 switches, one SPST on the front of the phone which turns it on and off, another uses the line one line two button on the right hand side to controls the Wackiness and the final switch is activated if you pick up the phone and I am not really sure what is controls, it is a rather boring switch that has little effect on the sound.


The circuit board is modeled after Andrew Sharp Strip-board design. You can find more information about the synth along with all the parts you need, and this strip-board design, along with loads of pictures of other peoples WSGs at Here.

You can also find some useful information about the WSG synth on the Electro-Music Forum here.

That can't be a bird can it?


No No No!

Green fades to Chicken Fjords (4/13/07)


Green fades to Chicken Fjords (4/13/07)

Music from Scandinavia Intro
1. M.Ward – Chinese Translation
2. Laura Veirs – Pink Light
3. Laura Veirs – Ocean Night Song
4. Ane Brun Featuring Teitur- Rubber & Soul
5. CocoRosie – Werewolf
6. CocoRosie – Japan
7. Twink – Plastic Spoon
8. Caribou – Medium Sized Working Dog
9. Witch’s Hat – Huzzah
10. Man Man – Banana Ghost
11. Akron/Family – Gone Beyond
12. Sleater-Kinney – Rollercoaster
13. Stephen Malkmus – I’ve Hardly Been
14. Spoon – Sister Jack
15. Dead Heart Bloom Who Will You Love
15.5. The Beatles – Rocky Raccoon
16. Cloud Cult – Please Remain Calm
17. Low – Hatchet
18. C-Mon and Kypski – Circus C-Mon And Kyspki
19. C-Mon and Kypski – Make My Day
20. Tilly and the Wall – Urgency
21. Brazilian Girls – Me Gusta Cuando Callas
22. Architecture in Helsinki – Tiny Paintings
23. Juana Molina – El Cristal

Djing at the Upfront

Alternative Text

April 13th 2007
The Up Front Gallery
572 North Broadway
Fargo, ND

I will be DJing at the Upfront Gallery along side Trevor Hirst of KMSC fame. We will be doing a CD set of music from and inspired by the following Genres:Metal, Glam Rock, Bluegrass, Hank Williams III. The show is set to start at 6:00. Hope to see you there.

C-Mon & Kypski – Where The Wild Things Are

Hey you thanks for reading this

Artist: C-Mon & Kypski
Album: Where The Wild Things Are [jamm;2007]
Grade: A
Reviewed by: Paul Sobczak

You probably remember the book “Where The Wild Things Are” from you childhood, the story written by Maurice Sendak in 1963 has been read to children ever for decades. It tells the tale of young child named Max getting punished for acting like a monster and being sent to his room, while there his imagination takes off and lands him in a fantasy world full of wide eyed monsters, and dark forests. The setting proves to be a wonderful place for Max to cook up all sorts mischief.

In the same sense C-mon and Kypski on their album “Where the Wild Things Are” cook up their very own a fantasy land, and proceed to create their own mischief. Their recipe calls for a little bit of music form a whole lot of different genres. The instructions call for months of meticulous mixing, blending, and stirring of those genres. And the final product comes out too in the form of some kind of monster, this time in the form nicely packaged shiny compact disc.

The sound ranges from from pumping dance music to hip-hop to Balkan music, it has 80’s style synths, rock vocals, DJ scratches, sing-a-long melodies, grooving lyrics, and that just covers the first few songs on the album. The transition between different musical styles is executed with a great deal of skill, and it comes as a breath of fresh air as so many artists today tend to stick with just one sound.

This album is for people that want to hear something fun, exciting, and different. For Fans of I’m From Barcelona, Caribou, Gogol Bordello, Beck, Prince, A Tribe Called Quest, and imaginary monsters from your childhood.

Upcoming Projects

A list of some of the projects that I hope to have on here soon

  • PAIA Theremin
  • VHDL “Tac Tac To” Project
  • My Tape-casted Self
  • The Telephone Synth
  • The MIDI Loop Controller
  • My Meniscus/Sound Lab Mini synth
  • Fixing a Denon DN-S5000 Play Button
  • Putting the Origami site back up
  • And some other stuff too…

Town is brown, myst and Meni”dis”cus (3/30/07)

The Fjords

Town is brown, myst and Meni”dis”cus (3/30/07)

Thanks for listening to the show or checking out the playlist and stuff!

Intro – Tone – Hulbakmo – Hidring
1. Calla – Sylvia’s Song Live in Fargo Thu 04/05/07 Aquarium
2. Headlights – Centuries Live in Fargo Apr 2 2007 Aquarium
3. Page France – Hat and Rabbit Live in Fargo Apr 2 2007 Aquarium
4. Martin Sexton – hallelujah Live in Fargo Sun 04/15/07 House Of Rock
5. MC Paul Barman – Paulleluah
6. Ane Brun – Song No.6
7. M.Ward – Paul’s Song
8. Dessa – Mine Shaft Live in Fargo May 12 2007 The Aquarium(all ages/21+ Late Show)
9. Vandaveer – The Streets is Full of Creeps
10. Micah P. Hinson – The Day The Volume Won
11. Iron & Wine – Upward Over The Mountain
12. Jaga Jazzist – Swedenborgske Rom
13. Jamie Lidell – A little Bit More (Herbert’t A Little Bit Less Mix)
14. Ivy – Corners of my Mind
15. Cocorosie – Raibowwarriors
16. Deerhoof – Chatterboxes
17. Anni Rossi – Safety of Objects
18. Devendra Banhart – Long Haired Children
19. Alela Diane – Pigeon Song
20. Angels of Light and Akron/Family – Raising the Sparks
21. Cloud Cult – Happy Hippo
22. Illnois – Alone Again
23. LCD Soundsystem – Daft Punk is playing at my House
24. Juliet – Avalon

Audio coming on Saturday…

Edit.. and by Saturday I mean soon, sorry for the wait

Update! Audio is back!

Audio File…Listen…Download…Podcast

DJing at the Up Front Gallery


Artwork by Trevor Hirst
March 30th 2007
The Up Front Gallery
572 North Broadway
Fargo, ND

I will be supplying some music for the closing show for Trevor Hirst’s Up Front Gallery showing on Friday March 30th. I will be playing some pretty strange music, more like mood sounds, nature sound, and less of what you might consider actual music. I will also bring along my Theremin, so if you are a Theremin junkie The upfront will be the place to be on Friday.

You can check out some of Trevor art at deviantART also check out his radio shows The High-Five Zombies and Jerry’s Bin here.

Bent 2007 Minneapolis

bent 2007

Bent 2007 MPLS

April 19-21 2007
at Intermedia Arts
2822 Lyndale Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55408

New this year the Bent Festival comes to Minneapolis the event is Co-Presented by The Tank and Intermedia Arts. I will be there it should be fun. I shall shoot some photos for you to check out after the event.

You can find more information about the event at

More information on what Circuit bending is can be found on wikipedia

Here is a short video about bending via youtube.