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C-Mon & Kypski – Where The Wild Things Are

Artist: C-Mon & Kypski Album: Where The Wild Things Are [jamm;2007] Grade: A Reviewed by: Paul Sobczak You probably remember the book “Where The Wild Things Are” from you childhood, the story written by Maurice Sendak in 1963 has been read to children ever for decades. It tells the tale of young child named Max […]

Norah Jones – Not Too Late

Artist: Norah Jones Album: Not Too Late [Blue Note; 2007] Grade: A Reviewed by: Paul Sobczak Norah Jones gained quite a bit of fame with here debut 2002 album “Come Away With Me” and won 8 Grammy’s for her effort. Top 40 radio stations around the country were playing her music and even my mom […]

The Seawhores – Forest

Artist: The Seawhores Album: Forest [Essay; 2006] Grade: N/A or Penetrated or Used Review by Paul Sobczak Members of this no holds barred noise rock band originate from Fargo, but now prefer to hold up camp in Minneapolis. I have witnessed these guys perform live, to give you an Idea of what it is like […]

The Gothic Archies – The Tragic Treasury

The Gothic Archies The Tragic Treasury: Songs from A Series of Unfortunate Events [Nonesuch;2006] Grade: A Reviewed by: Paul Sobczak and Scott Ayash I suggest that you the reader of this dreaded music review take a second and examine if you really want to subject yourself to such an awful recount that tells the woeful […]

Battle Of Mice – A Day of Nights

Album: Battle Of Mice Title: A Day Of Nights[Nerot; 2006] Grade: C Review By: Paul Sobczak This album chronicles the merge of two Neurot recording bands, and what happens when two of the collective artist go through horrific break-up, and record the sound. Lead vocalist Julie Christmas of Made out of Babies and guitarist/keyboardist Josh […]


Subtle Subtle For Hero:For Fool[Lex;2006] Grade: B Reviewed by: Paul Sobczak Take everything you know about hip-hop and forget about it, enter Subtle. This sextet takes what you think you know about the boundaries of hip-hop and extends it far beyond what has previously been imagined, incorporating genres like electronica, rock, and avant garde that […]

Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens Songs For Christmas Grade: C Reviewed by: Paul Sobczak Over the last five years to coincide with the holiday season, Sufjan pronounced “Suf e yawn” has released a new Christmas ep. This year the final year of the series, marks the release of the “Songs for Christmas” box set. Inside the hearty package […]

Under Byen

Under Byen Artist: Under Byen Title: Samme Stof Som Stof Label: PaperBag 2006 Reviewed by: Paul Sobczak One day back in 1995 two friends Katrine Stochholm and Henritte Sennevaldt were biking together somewhere in Denmark, on that simple afternoon the idea of what later was to become Under Byen was born. The name pronounced Oh’nah-Boon […]


Artist: BT Album: Binary Universe [DTS; 2006] Grade: A Review By Paul Sobczak BT is the alias of Brian Transeau, one of electronic music’s influential artists.He has made an impact on the genre and is known as the Godfather of Trance Music. More recently he has explored a less dance-oriented side of electronic music.His latest […]

In Ink Please

In Ink Please Formica Table For Two [Fall; 2006] Rating: B Vanessa Palmer and Jerik Hendrickson two former Fargoians, the latter still living here, have just started off their tour of the US on the 22nd of Aug. They will be playing dates starting out on west coast and ending back here in the mid […]

The Boy Least Likely To

Artist: The Boy Least Likely To Album: The Best Party Ever [Rough Trade; 2006] Grade: A Review by Paul Sobczak “The Best Party Ever” is easily the most infectious pop album to come out this year. Originally released in the United Kingdom in 2005, now on an offshoot of the Rough Trade Record label, U.S. […]


Artist: Mark Mallman/ The Coke Dadres Album: [Nodak; 2006] Grade: C Review by Paul Sobczak The 7″ vinyl single is still alive, and back in all its Nodak glory. That is a record company called Nodak records is currently revitalizing the lost culture of the 7″ vinyl single. Nodak Records most recently put their fourth […]


Artist: Akron/Family Album: Meek Warrior [Young God; 2006] Grade: C Review by Paul Sobczak The evening of Mar. 10, 2006 here in Fargo ND marked one very memorable night for the Red Raven Espresso Parlor. Akron/Family quietly slipped into the basement coffee shop surrounded in an unfinished room, stone walls and 20 or so attendees. […]

Artist: Stars Album: Set Yourself on Fire Label: Arts & Crafts, 2005 Grade: A After much consideration for the first ever ThunderRadio music review, I came to the conclusion that this review should consist of an essential album. The best, in my opinion, of 2005 is Set Yourself on Fire by Stars. This year I […]