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Google spreadsheet row to columns example

  This: ToThis: Run a script to go from the first spreadsheet to the format of the second see link. The code is a hard to find as it’s embedded a few layers into the document. See for information on how to setup and run this apps script, as it’s bit convoluted. Download the […]

Teaching Arduino, Soldering, and Source Code

I have been teaching classes on Arduino around the Minneapolis at Twin Cities Maker and at the Mill. There are two coming up in March and April 2012 at the Hack Factory, check the respective websites for more information. I have also been teaching some soldering classes, more to come in the future, check Twin […]

KiCad not loading Libriaries

I tried installing Kicad on Mac and it was not playing nicely, so I switched to Windows and had no problems. So I thought it was a mac thing but later I tried installing on Ubuntu and I got the same errors from the start. KiCad is not loading Libraries. This was by far the […]

Observations in Asia

South Korea Soju and the studious/relaxed characters on the bottle Common places are not heated, feels like Russia Kim Chi everything (awesome) kam-sa-ham-ni-da Sleeping Ondol Style Currents of stench in Daejeon Pagodas Temples atop hills Beds that are no softer than the ground Hotel Feel, a typical Love Motel Escape Rope Christmas dinner sannakji Wood […]

2011 Winter Electronics Purchase

I just put in, what has been becoming an annual occurrence,  a winter electronics binge. This years order from Sparkfun: 1 – DSO Nano V2 – Pocket-Sized Digital Oscilloscope 1 – Getting Started with Arduino 1 – Break Away Headers – Straight 1  – Break Away Female Headers 1 – Breakout Board for AD5330 Parallel […]

Top 10+ 2010

The Tallest Man on Earth – The Wild Hunt Crooked Still – Some Strange Country Shpongle – Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland (2009) Samamadon – I See The Sign K’naan – Troubadour Mumford and Sons – Sigh No More Stars – The Five Ghosts Zee Avi – Zee Avi (2009) Michael Franit & Spearhead – The […]

Con ts; a poem and an alternative manifistation.

Cold left Cold Sharps and rocks Jen laughing and all with others subtractive music a massive extinction brean malleable worst pollen that I have ever tastes. best bridge that I have ever slept on. reddest room that I have ever seen Kitchen ware storage Is that it then I that how I that how Is […]

Top 10 2009

1. Iron And Wine – Around The Well 2. Tallest Man on Earth – Shallow Grave (2008) 3. Bela Fleck – Throw Down Your Heart 4. Decemberists – Hazards of Love 5. Varius Artists – Dark Was the Night 6. William Elliot Whitmore – Animals in the Dark 7. Amy Milan – Masters of the […]

Audio for Past Shows

I know the audio for the past shows is lagging; I have most of the files but I need to upload them. Before I do that I need to attack all of the audio that I have posted in the past the has fell victim to the weird right left pulsating audio effect. Most of […]

Top 10 2008

2008 Top 10+ 1. Jim White – Transnormal Skiperoo 2. Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago 3. Hanne Hukkelberg – Rykestraße 68 4. Roma di Luna – Casting the Bones 5. Jeffrey Lewis – 12 Crass Songs 6. My Brightest Diamond – A Thousands Sharks Teeth 7. Matt Bauer – The Island Moved in […]

Ane Brun Interview

Ane Brun was kind enough to take some time out of her US/Canada Tour to talk with me a bit. You can Hear what she has to say below Ane%20Brun/Ane%20Brun%20Interview.mp3

Hobo Convention Mini-Documentary

[kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /] There it is, Britt Hobo Days as documented by Bill Geist of CBS news. I was there and I was just as awesome as this video leads it to be. I am in a few of the frames but none really to speak of as you can’t really see […]

L.I.V.E @ The Plains in Fargo

L.I.V.E at the Plains Sep 11/12 2008 I will have my Down The Line piece exhibited at the Plains Art Museum in Fargo on 9/12/08. Come check out the other events as well. Sep 11th L.I.V.E. Lecture: Henry Gwiazda, renowned local new media artist, musician, and professor of music, presents a snapshot of art being […]

New Radio Times for the Fjords and The EJ

  Fjords: Tuesday 2-4pm in collaboration with Mr. Mat Arnold The Electronica Jungle: Thursdays 10 – Midnight Both shows here on KNDS 96.3 in Fargo and online at

108th Annual HOBO days in Britt Iowa

While living in Iowa this summer I was glad to stumble upon the great Hobo Days. The events was located in Britt, Iowa and the lasted form August 6 to 10th. The Convention has been held since 1900, marking this the 108th year. Each night there was music at “The Jungle” where all of the […]

My Exigent Eyes

Over the course of one week my eye care got quite out of hand. I received corneal transplant surgery on my right eye and a new type of hard contact (scleral lens) in the left.Below you can see all of the drops and auxiliary equipment used to keep my eyes  together. Starting in the Front, […]

Fargo Zombie Pub Crawl 2008

The Fargo Zombie Pub Crawl is coming on May 10th!! So grab your zombie costume or make one and come on out. The initery is as follows 2:00 -3:00 Gathering in Island park (around the gazebo) 3:00 Duffy’s 4:00 Sports Bar 5:00 Rooters 6:00 Sidestreet 7:00 the Bismarck 8:00 the Empire 9:00 Dempsey’s 10:00 the […]

SXSW 2008

Well its a little bit late but here is my mini-overview/walk through of what was awesome about SXSW 2008 in Austin, TX. Day One: Wednesday I went down there with KNDS 105.9 in Fargo, 5 others and myself all packed into a truck/van vehicle. We made it down in 24 hours, just enough time to […]

Konsonans Retro: Klezmer Music Live in Helsinki December 2007

To everybody who attended on of the free shows in downtown Helsinki, and for everybody that did not, this is for you. You now can experience The Konsonas Retro in all of their Helsinki free show glory. You can purchase the Kosonas Retro Cd here. From their CD Baby Site: Konsonans Retro are a pretty […]

The National Live in Oslo (12/2/07)

The National Live in Oslo (12/2/07) Sorry I don’t have this one split up into tracks like the other ones, mainly because I am not that familiar with their catalog. If you have or know the track listing feel free to send it to me in chronological order and I will break it up for […]