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White Beetle (12/4/08)

White Beetle (12/4/08) In the Summer of 2007 I pick up a hitchhiker while on my way across the state of Texas. He was Mexican and I was driving in a Jeep that I had rented for a short trip to California. He couldn’t speak much English, but when he did he used his words […]

That’s A Waste (11/13/08)

That’s A Waste (11/13/08) There are exactly seven ways to drive from Fargo to Nebraska! Four ways to eat an apple 12 songs about Nebraskians eating apples and 3 different ways to listen to each one of those songs so all together there are (4!*4!*12*3 )  * 85(to account for error) + 5571 (this is […]

Little Green Bug, You Can Never Tell (10/6/08)

Little Green Bug, You Can Never Tell (10/6/08) TheEJ_11_6_2008_10_00_PM.Mp3

Several Waters Wakes Winters (10/30/08)

Several Waters Wakes Winters (10/30/08) Download Grrr The show was incorrectly recorded, the show in it’s entirety will not be uploaded. TheEJ_10_30_2008_10_00_PM.Mp3 This is just a partial (the end of the show, which is is shame, I think you would have enjoyed the whole thing.)

Post of the Moon Stand Tall or Not (9/18/08)

sdfasdfffffffffffffffffff asdffffffff asdfasd The audio is on its way… In the meantime look at the posts on the website located over here

Seven Sedimenting Backgrounds (9/4/08)

Seven Sedimenting Backgrounds The Electronica Jungle performed here once again; for your listening pleasure. -p

Songs on the it of it all (8/24/08)

  Back after a summer of not being, The Electronica Jungle. Two hours of full fledged audio. Enjoy at your own will. This episode includes: Some poetry. Download

JunGle JunGle JunGle (4/10/08)

JunGle junGle JunGle (4/10/08) The Electronica Jungle on KNDS. For me I think it is interesting to look at how this show is effected by the way I have treated the week. For example if I get a lot of work done and I am busy doing things, the shows are always fantastic, but if […]

And Put It Out So I Can Find it If I Look for it Later (4/3/08)

And Put It Out So I Can Find it If I Look for it Later (4/3/08) Lots of horns at the start, then the show some how turned into an audio investigation of Andy Warhol, stuff influenced by him, Valerie who shot him, Velvet Underground who was a part of his Exploding Plastic Inevitable, A […]

Where is Catalonia? (3/21/08)

Where is Catalonia? (3/21/08) After a 2 week hiatus The Electronica Jungle is back, the show is a mash of tracks from my collection no real direction in this mix, more of a mix of things, hope you enjoy it. Download

Several small boxes in the corner of your room (2/28/08)

The Electronica Jungle: insert proper defination here for maximum understanding. Download 

Arm on Head Inside…Wait is that correct? (2/21/08)

This is The Electronica Jungle in all of its oddness and weird glory of life. Brought to you free of charge with out any hassle, 2 hours of detailed mp3 goodness. Download

A List of Prior DJ names:

For historical reasons I feel it necessary to document previous DJ names that I have assumed: DJ Axiom of Choice: a short lived alias DJ Tree Branch: another very short lived name, but some people still refer to me as such. DJ Dition and his Band of Amazons: Did a mix for Fanatic Promotions, but […]

A Walk on What Most Would Call a Spindle (2/14/08)

A Walk on What Most Would Call a Spindle (2/14/08) Atmospheric begginings start this edition of the Jungle, The show finished with an except from Anthony Braxton talking about his music in a lecture he gave in 1985. Also about 1:10 into the broadcast there is a piece of audio history stemming from the 9/11 […]

Grow Light From Palm of Dusk (2/7/08)

Grow Light From Palm of Dusk (2/7/08) This is the show, take it or leave it. Download

I Spilt Rice In The Silverware Drawer (1/31/08)

I Spilt Rice In The Silverware Drawer (1/31/08) The first hour of the show did not get recorded due to a windows user error, and it is quite unfortunate because the first hour was fantastic. My friend Trevor Hirst, was listening to the show and got inspired and created a short liner for the show […]

Memory is Beyond (1/24/05)

Memory is Beyond (1/24/05) Another show in the books. I pulled from quite a few different sources to put this together. I am enjoying the dynamic of how these Jungle sessions are going. I start out by searching for some different material to present, but while the show is on the air thing everything is […]

While Walls Viewed Through Gray Eyes (1/17/08)

  While Walls Viewed Through Gray Eyes (1/17/08) There is a good amount of different stuff going on in this episode, I was pulling from my recently re-acquired vinyl collection, an old synth I made, CDs, Field recordings I made in Europe, and a high dose of found sounds on the internet. I feel good […]

My hallway smells like dog food (1/10/08)

My hallway smells like dog food (1/10/08) In no particular order here are some of the tracks that were played on the show. Monolake – Pipeline !!! – Dear Can Unknown – Drum and Bass track from Knowledge magazine cd #50 Kid 606 – track 5,12 off of "kill sound before sound kills you" And […]

Pictures from the UpFront Gallery

I just got some pictures back from Trevor Hirst, from back when I DJed his Gallery Closing Show back in March 2007. The show went really well, I played lots of atmospheric stuff, (rain, machines, animals, ect…) incidental music if you will. I also brought my PAIA Theremax Theremin along with and people really enjoyed […]