Honk, Squeak, Scratch, Boom

Every year in Rochester, Minnesota the Rochester Symphony Orchestra sponsors an event to introduce  different types of musical instruments to children in 4th and 5th grade. The event is called “Honk, Squeak, Scratch, Boom.” About 50 Music teachers and over 60 volunteers give school children from around the area a chance to try out a multitude of different instruments and figure out which ones they like. Here is Paul Sobczak at the 2009 interviewing firsttime volunteer Tre’ Dozier.



From more information: Rochester Symphony Orchestras Website

The Worlds Largest Cheeto

cheeto 11Here is the story of a larger than average Cheeto. Located in Algona, Iowa, this super snack sits atop a custom blown glass stand on a soft purple pillow that accentuates all of its cheesiness.  Below find a short radio documentary, some strange photoshoped cheeto creations, some information concerning its location and some pictures I was lucky enough to take of this monstrosity circa 2008.


Giant Cheeto Photoshop Thread

See it Yourself.

CNN News Article

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