KiCad not loading Libriaries

I tried installing Kicad on Mac and it was not playing nicely, so I switched to Windows and had no problems. So I thought it was a mac thing but later I tried installing on Ubuntu and I got the same errors from the start. KiCad is not loading Libraries.
This was by far the most frustrating part about KiCad, I which that the dependent libraries were included in the build, that would only make sense. Anyways I was lucky enough to have the libraries from the Windows distro that I also installed, as they are a part of the exe.

I uploaded the component libriares into /share/kicad/template where KiCad is already, on my mac and it works.

I have since switched over to Ubuntu for development, and used a tuturial that Wayne and Layne made that also has a solution to download the libraries Wayne and Layne’s blog, and their solution. (outlined below)

bzr checkout lp:~kicad-lib-committers/kicad/library kicad-library.bzr
cd kicad-library.bzr/
mkdir build
cd build/
cmake ../
sudo make install

Depending on if you built KiCad or not and where you did so this should work. If you have problems search through Wayne and Layne’s post and build it the way that they are and it will work. Most likely there is a way to do something similar on the mac but I don’t know.

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