My hallway smells like dog food (1/10/08)

The Electronica Jungle and round objects in space

My hallway smells like dog food (1/10/08)

In no particular order here are some of the tracks that were played on the show.

Monolake – Pipeline

!!! – Dear Can

Unknown – Drum and Bass track from Knowledge magazine cd #50

Kid 606 – track 5,12 off of "kill sound before sound kills you"

And a track from Bjork

The following tracks are from The Ambient Music Blog :

Taylor Deupree – untitled_1231

Hauschka – Red Pencil

Mark Templeton – Continue Later

Efterkiang – Cutting the Ice to Snow

Some field recording tracks from here.

Ten Canoes Image Credit Wikipedia

The later part of the show was from the 2006 film "Ten Canoes" by Rolf de Heer.More info on the film here.

The Audio player below is not working correctly.

Full audio of the show can be downloaded or listened to here.

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