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Arduino and Gmail – a python script to get an LED to blink when an email is received in a Gmail account. article using my code 

Arduino and Pure Data – a Pure data program to make an LED blink when a certain frequency is made. Posted on Make:Blog 7/2011 | Video


Processing and Twitter –  a sketch that pings a twitter search query and posts it using particles. Video link

Parallax Laser Range Finder Port Feed Through – Arduino Sketch that will act as a feed through for a the Parallax Laser Range finder, uses Arduino Mega and Arduino 023. Video

Arduino Serial Port Response: Will wait at the serial port for user input then echo that input on the serial port. Working with Arduino 022.

Pumping Station:One LED Thing: Source for the thing that blinks. Video

Google spreadsheet row to columns example: run a script to go from the first spreadsheet to the format of the second see link. The code is a hard to find as it’s embedded a few layers into the document. more info and code here.


Have worked on the following sites:

The Mountain Fold (WordPress, and lots of other experimentations within from Google Maps API, to custom WordPress installs)

Canada Goose Records (Heavily modified Wordpress blog)

Twin Cities Maker (WordPress and phpbb)

No Cube Designs (WordPress and Zen Cart)

Handmade Music: Minneapolis (WordPress site)

Trevor Hirst (Half WordPress blog, half art gallery)

Fargo Zombie Pub Crawl Site (defunct)

KNDS Radio (This was a dreamweaver site, that has been redesigned a few times over, and is no longer my design)

Other various small projects

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