I am an engineer, educator, musician, poet, runner, and adventurist among other things. Professionally I have worked for a prototyping firm as an Electrical Engineer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, prior to that I spent some time working on wind farms around the States in Minnesota, Texas, Iowa, Washington, Oklahoma, and Illinois.  I am the founder of the hackerspace Twin Cities Maker a community based workshop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have been a radio DJ see The Fjords of Meniscus and The Electroncia Jungle. I was the music director for KNDS radio in Fargo, ND. I like analog synthesizers and have built some. I play the banjo, I practice overtone singing, and I also like to play with other other instruments. I have a record label Canada Goose Records. I have taught several how to solve the Rubik’s cube. I make music see Canada Goose Records. I blog at Citizen Analog. I have at one point owned and operated an origami supply business and I own over 80 books on the subject. I am a printmaker. I take photographs. I am co-founder of No Cube Designs an open source hardware company. I have lived in Oslo, Norway og jeg kan snaker litt Norsk. I am turntable DJ and have played in the back of a small art gallery for no money.  I lug around a cup with dinosaurs on it when I travel, and I have slept-walked in at least 3 different countries.

I carry a common place book. I read a lot of non-fiction and have published one of my own. I consider my self a folklorist and have released an album on the matter. I take great pleasure in reading Wikipedia and I own a theremin, but not a television. I sometimes use a dicta-phone and consider myself a world citizen. I keep a log of the places that I have slept. I send post cards if you want one, let me know. I changed the pronunciation of my last name and I have published writing under a pseudonym. Unfortunately I have no Erd?s number.  I am one of the co-founders of Handmade Music: Minneapolis. I like magic tricks.

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My mascot for life is a goose.

-Paul Sobczak