Spectre Mix ‘06

This mix was made for Spectre Promotion, a college radio music promotion company. They distributed it around to college and community stations across the USA and Canada.

From the one sheet:
SPECTRE is proud to feature this end-of-year treat, a mix CD by one of our very favorite music directors, DJ Sohcahtoa in Fargo, ND! This strapping young man has been DJing for a few years now, and includes gymnastics, origami, dodecahedrons among his many hobbies and interests. Currently hosting TWO radio shows “The Fjords of Meniscus” on Tuesday afternoons, and The Electronica Jungle on Thursday Nights. DJ Sohcahtoa took time out of his busy schedule to make this wonderful CD, mixing a wide variety of SPECTRE artists from Jim Noir to Brazilian Girls, Psapp to Zuco 103.

Here is a track list:
1. DJ Sohcatoa – I Had A Little Baby and Her Name Was Hannah Intro
2. M. Ward- Hi-Fi
3. Tosca – Superrob
4. Brazilian Girls – Don’t Stop (Supreme Beings of Leisure Break For Teatime remix)
5. Psapp – Needle & Thread
6. Zuco 103 – Na Mangueira
7. Balkan Beat Box – Bulgarian Chicks
8. Herb Albert -Love Potion #9 (Anthony Marinelli remix ft Ozomatli)
9. Ohn – Bubblegum
10. Four Tet – Smile Around The Face
11. Juana Molina – Salvese Quiaen Pueda (Juana’s Epic Re-version)
12. Gonzalez, Feist & Dani – Boomerang 2005 (Sohcatoa’s Bye Bye Dani Remix)
13. Jim Noir – Key Of C (My Dad)
14. (The Real) Tuesday Weld – At The House of the Clerkenwell Kid

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