Telephone Synth

Telephone Synth

The Telephone Synth is a Monophonic Synthesizer based on a design by Ray Wilson.

The case is an old Radio Shack telephone that was sitting around. Each one of the knobs controls different parts of the synth, some control the speed, others control filters, and still others according to Ray, control different amounts of Zaniness, Wackiness, and Weirdness.

The Synth is powered off of a 9v battery that is inside the phone. There are 3 switches, one SPST on the front of the phone which turns it on and off, another uses the line one line two button on the right hand side to controls the Wackiness and the final switch is activated if you pick up the phone and I am not really sure what is controls, it is a rather boring switch that has little effect on the sound.

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