I Can Eat Glass

I Can Eat Glass
The I Can Eat Glass Project let’s you discover how to say the phrase “I can eat glass, it doesn’t hurt me” in different languages.

All of the recordings were made with someone who I have met that speaks a language other than my own. Each recording has also been attributed with the location in which it was made.

This project is an ongoing one. When I meet someone new who has a different mother tongue I add them to the project, and thus this site will grow to add more languages over time. By approaching the project the way I am, each recording has a personal story, and a physical place associated with it.

Inspiration for this project came from Ethan Mollick’s now defunct geocities page I Can Eat Glass Project, NYC Sound Seeker, and Derek Holzer’s wonderful, but now defunct site Sound Transit.

The I Can Eat Glass Site was created using Google Maps API, Google Maps code from Mike Williams, Html template from Pete Ottery, and PHP help from Tizag.

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